Case Studies

Goal-Conflict Detection

Goal-Conflict Detection based on Temporal Satisfiability Checking. Here we provide the tool and all the case studies of our ASE 2016 paper.

Goal Operationalisation

Automated Goal Operationalisation based on Interpolation and SAT Solving. Here we report the experimental results of our ICSE 2014 paper.

Counting Fluent Temporal Logic

Counting FLTL - Model Checking algorithm examples. Here we report the model checking algorithm that we developed for CFLTL formulas, and the experimental results of our ICSE 2015 paper.

Software Cost Reduction (SCR)

SCR Analysis. This is a tool that performs automatically an abstraction process to analyse SCR specifications. The tool can be use for verification or test generation tasks. It supports some case studies tipically found in the literature. Some of the experiments were reported in our TAP 2011 paper.

If you use any of the examples provided here, please cite the corresponding paper.