I'm currently a Research Associate at SnT, University of Luxembourg. Please visit my current wesite to contact me.


I am working in the area of software requirement engineering and software testing. I am interested to develop automated techniques for the validation and verification of software artifacts.


  • Full research paper accepted at ICSE 2019: Training Binary Classifiers as Data Structure Invariants.
  • Full research paper accepted at ASE 2018: A Genetic Algorithm for Goal-Conflict Identification.
  • Full research paper accepted at ICSE 2018: Goal-Conflict Likelihood Assessment based on Model Counting.
  • Journal accepted at STVR: Improving lazy abstraction for SCR specifications through constraint relaxation.
  • Recent Professional Activities

  • Recent reviewer of the ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM) and IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE).
  • Committee of ISSTA 2018 Artifacts.
  • Student Volunteers Co-Chair of ICSE 2017.