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The Summer School of Informatics has been held annually since 1994, organized by Computing Departament of the Exactc Physical-Chemical and natural Sciences Faculty of Univervesity of Rio Cuarto The courses that make up this Summer School have been taught by specialists, teacher and researchers, both from Argentina and other country. These courses have been attended by professionals, teacher and students from educational istitutions from all over country and from neighboring countries. The RIO 2020 will be held from 17 to 22 February on 2020, and will consist of intensive courses, taught by leading academics. In adittion, certificates of assintance will be given to those who attend al least 80% of the classes taughy and, in case of satisfactorily fulfilling the required evaluation. A certificate of approval will be delivered. The main objectives of the school are:

  • Provide students and teachers of the computer careers of the UNRC, other national universities and the entire computer community, intensive and brief refresher and specialization courses taught by first-rate teachers and researchers.

  • Make available to the students of the computer careers of the UNRC a broad and diverse vision of the field of Computer Science and facilitate academic exchange with other houses of study.

  • Promote the participation of students of the UNRC's Computer careers in other similar events in Universities of the country and abroad.


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